Onboarding & The Employee Experience

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The onboarding process is critical in setting an employee’s expectations for work — allowing a new hire to learn their relationship between the organization and its stakeholders, key role expectations, the culture of the organization.

According to a 2013 study, organizations that implemented effective onboarding processes were associated with:

  • Higher job satisfaction and organizational commitment.
  • Higher work performance
  • Lower turnover
  • Less stress

Onboarding Remotely

Onboarding experiences that are mostly or completely remote is and has been an inevitability for many new hires for the past year. While onboarding processes have often involved large amounts of in-person interaction in the past, it is possible for organizations to connect with and integrate new hires using remote technology. According to SHRM, among the most key steps in establishing the foundation for new working relationships between the new hire, in addition to ensuring that the hire feels they have a voice within the company. Making efforts to establish good rapport with your new hire and their team can reduce the risk of a hire feeling alienated from their work, thus improving morale and engagement.

Additionally, given the importance of technology in working remotely, ensuring that a new hire’s technology setup is working properly — such as a stable internet connection, access to proper accounts and affiliated usernames/passwords, and so forth — is imperative for proper access to work-related information. While several departmental IT professionals are probably stretched thin with work requests, consider recording videos or writing documentation of FAQs for common problems or setup procedures to reduce the need for IT to respond to common concerns.

Moreover, as important as it is to familiarize a new hire with company policies and procedures, it is also good to provide breaks during the onboarding process, to give your new hires to process all the new information they are receiving.

Onboarding Gen Z

Gen Z individuals additionally tend to appreciate receiving frequent feedback from their managers and supervisors to know that they are meeting expectations sufficiently. Scheduling regular and frequent status check-ins can be reassuring for Gen Z new hires, particularly during remote work operations, where a dispersed workforce can make it more difficult to keep tabs on progress.

In addition to the previously mentioned items, Gen Z tends to prioritize forming personal connections with their coworkers, getting a transparent and “bigger picture” understanding of their role within the organization, in addition to opportunities for continuous learning and development.


If your company is seeking to add additional hires to your workforce, consider using a staffing agency to streamline the process of finding and onboarding qualified hires. New York Technology Partners is an agency which specializes in making placements for the STEM, IT, and Skilled Trades disciplines, and the firm has aided several businesses locate hires that are right for the job and for their organizational culture. If you are interested in bringing more skilled workers to speak with one of our recruiters a call at (585) 300–4720 from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. EST, Monday through Friday.

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